Monday, 7 May 2012

Meet Me On Bank Holiday Monday

This week I'm:

Making :: a sunflower felt brooch for my best-friend's birthday 
Cooking :: a victoria sponge and serving it with some May Day rainbow bunting for afternoon tea 
Growing :: forget-me-nots, very sweet 
Eating :: tapas - chorizo with black beans, patatas a la brava, chilli scallops with roasted peppers - oh my! 
Drinking :: a mojito or three .... (well we were celebrating!) 
Playing :: build a beetle at a fund-raising beetle drive, what a laugh 
Painting :: whilst re-decorating our kitchen and helping Princess paint a little pony money box 
Reading :: Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. Have you read it? It's really good 
Loving :: a 3-day weekend, even if it has rained all day

What did you get up to this weekend and what do you have planned for the week ahead?
Have fun. xx


Deanne said...

your cake and bunting look super duper :) i've blogged about my week ahead too xxx

famfa said...

Happy May Day - disappointed you weren't dancing round a maypole! Pics look great. Lone e sunflower brooch. Lucky friend x

Debbie said...

Sounds like a fab week, the brooch is lovely and the bunting cute. I fancy a mojito now!

Debbie x

Lisa-Jane said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! We're getting over poorliness so not much going on here at the moment - boo!

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