Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring Projects

Mr A and I have got some time at home with the children this week.  We have been out and about lots and are having a lovely time.  Today though, I am having some me time and staying at home to do a couple of crafting projects.  This is what my workdesk looks like this morning:

I'm loving all these Spring colours.  My plan is to make a May Queen Crown as my latest make for the Monthly Make Challenge over at the Felt Fairy.  I'll let you know how I get on.  

I found this fab over-sized button on my favourite market stall yesterday, which I thought would look great on a hair-slide, so I'm going to have a go at that too.  

Wishing you a productive day.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Party Time


I've got a busy day ahead of me today.  Later this morning (as part of my day job - Jumbleberries Play) I'm running a children's Easter party.  I've planned loads of different Easter themed activities, including an indoor version of an Easter egg hunt.  So here I am in the early hours of the morning cutting up hundreds of egg shapes in preparation.  Not the most creative tasks I admit but they have added a welcome splash of colour to my otherwise empty workdesk.

What's on your workdesk this Wednesday morning?

Fairies & Elves

This mornings Easter party will be the second party I've organised this week.  My little Princess turned 4 at the weekend, so we gave her Fairy & Elves party on Saturday.  As well as traditional party games. dancing and singing, we set up a couple of craft tables (obviously!) where her party guests were able to make Elf and Butterfly themed party crowns and magic wand pencil toppers.  We ended up with glitter everywhere as you can image, but it was all great fun.

I used the party as an excuse to get creative and made everyone a little felt egg-cosy party-favour (with a magic star on the front for the boys and a butterfly for the girls) hid a little chocolate egg inside and popped them in the party bags......

... and I had a go at making a fairy inspired cake and some little toadstool cupcakes. The cupcakes went down a treat with everyone (hence there being only two left for the picture!). 

Not bad for for a first attempt.  Next year I'll be taking inspiration from Busy Butterfingers - how amazing are Famfa's cakes?

Right, I better go and finish my prep for the party.  Fingers crossed the beautiful weather continues. 

 the view from my kitchen window

Wishing you a productive day.  x
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