Sunday, 31 July 2011

I Love - Chinese Food

In a previous life I was lucky enough to get to work in both Japan and Singapore for a short time.  This was great because not only do I love to travel, but I absolutely love Asian food.  Sushi, Thai, Malaysian, I love them all but my absolute favourite is Chinese food. 

I would happily eat it everyday, but have to settle with making it at least once a week.  I am really keen for my children to love it too - and I also really want them to learn how to use chopsticks.  Although I am good at using them now, I can still remember that horrible sinking feeling I had when, early on in my working life, I was taken to a Chinese restaurant with a large group of people I didn't know so well and had to use chopsticks for the first time! 

So look what we found in our local supermarket yesterday - training chopsticks, perfect!

Guess what we all ate for dinner last night?

What's your favourite food?  xx

Sunday Baking - Chocolate Muffins

Whilst Mr A and Princess had a little snooze on the sofa this afternoon, my little Superhero & I decided to do some baking.  After some consideration, Superhero decided he would like to make some Chocolate Brownies and who am I to argue?

We use the Humingbird Bakery recipe, purely because officially (well in my world anyway) they are the best brownies you will ever taste!

The trouble is, one just isn't enough.

Did you do any baking today? xx

A couple of Happy Campers

Well, as you may have guessed, I didn't get anytime to myself on Wednesday to do my latest project, as I had prmised myself.  No instead the kids talked me in to painting the inside of their new playhouse (details of which I will share with you another time).  I did however spend a happy hour last night designing, cutting and sticking - here is what I came up with:

We're all going on a summer holiday!

California Dreaming

I'm going to laminate them and the kids can use them as picnic place-mats. 


Friday, 29 July 2011


My Little Superhero and my Little Princess love the film Despicable Me.  The DVD get's watched at least once a week at the moment.

So they were very excited to receive these little Minions, made for them by my lovely friend Famfa over at Busy Butterfingers.  They have gone everywhere with them this week! 

Aren't they cute? xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

After a week of entertaining the kids with trips to the museum, train journeys, out for lunch, time at the playbarn, meeting friends, picnics at the park, etc, etc, I've declared today is scheduled as a quiet day at home.  So far so good.....

I've recently been playing with paper, having treated myself to a pretty pack of Dovecraft's Back to Basics.  So this is what I have on my workdesk today:

I have an idea in my head to create a couple of holiday themed collages - one of a pretty caravan and one of a retro campervan.  If the kids leave me alone for longer than thirty seconds, I might be able to show the end results later - fingers crossed.

What's on your worksdesk this Wednesday?  Wishing you a productive day. xx

And here's one I made earlier .....

... well two actually. 

I had a go at turning my Little Owl design into a paper collage.

Deciding that this actually worked really well, I then had a go at a Little Hedgehog. 

I think Hedgehog might be my new favourite.  What do you think?  xx
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