Friday, 30 September 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday - Art Deco Design

With the current love affair for all things vintage, the glamour of the 1940s and 50s is having somewhat of a revival. However, for me, you can't beat the the stylish elegance of the 1920s & 30s.  Yes, without a doubt definitely my Favourite Thing on a Friday is Art Deco Design.

Originally known as Moderne style, art deco influenced everything from fashion, interior design and of course architecture. One of my favourite architects from the period has to be Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Living in pretty Market Harborugh (UK) I am lucky enough to be only about 30 minutes away from one of his most famous projects 78 Derngate, which he re-modelled in his iconic Modernist style in 1917. It is a great place to visit if you ever get a chance - and they even have a lovely tea-room too.

ITV3 are currently re-running The House of Elliott, which I am watching most days, so I totally have the 1930s on the brain at the moment!  So with thoughts of all things Art Deco take a look at these beautiful items I have found on Folksy:



These items are definitely on my wish-list for Xmas - hope you are taking note Mr A?
What is your Favourite Thing on a Friday? Join in and share with the lovely Mimi & Tilly.
Have a nice weekend. xx

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Meet Me On Monday - 8


Mr A, packed off to work - check.
Children, packed off to school - check.
Coffee poured - check.
Toast buttered - check.

Right, I'm all ready.

So how are you? Whats new with you? What did you get up to over the weekend - hope you had a good one? What do you have planned for the week ahead?

Me? Well, this week I'm:

Painting with my Princess

Making tea-cosies for the children to wear on the heads to school (see more here). They turned out rather well, didn't they? Even if I do say so myself, tee hee.

Cooking pea and ham soup, a perfect Autumn lunch
Growing a jade plant, which I have had for over 30 years. I re-potted it this week as it had seriously out-grown it's previous terracotta pot

Eating chorizo and homegrown tomato fritatta - yum.
Visiting my cousin and her new baby

Designing an art deco inspired project - pop back later in the week to see how I'm getting on ....

Right enough about me - I'm off to see what you guys are up to this week.

Have fun. xx


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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

I had planned to finish of an Autumn leaves felt brooch I have been working on this evening, but when the kids came home from school announcing that tomorrow was wear a tea-cosy on your head day (obviously!), all previous plans went out the window.....  Now I don't know about you, but we don't use a tea-cosy in our house, let only two, so this evening I'm having to design and make a couple.  So this is what my workdesk looks like right now:

Wish me luck.

What's on your workdesk today?  xx

Photographic Evidence

Well, it took me so long on Monday to work out how to get Mr Linky to do his wizardy magic, that I ran out of time to attach any pictures to my MMOM post.  Now I don't want you to get the impression that I am all talk and no action, so here is some photographic evidence of some of the things I've been up to this week:

Yo-yo Brooches (single, double and triple versions):

 The planning stages of an autumn leaves brooch:

A purple heart brooch:

Blueberry cake - so scrummy that this is all that is left already:

Princess at Foxton Locks:

My little Superhero having an ice-cream at a Monster Trucks event, which he went to with Mr A.  Nothing to do with sewing, baking or papercraft - I just thought it was a cute picture:

An for no other reason other than that I thought it was a funny, a picture of Princess jumping!

Have fun. xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

Meet Me on Monday - 7

Morning. So how was your weekend?  It has really felt Autumnal here.  This has definitely influenced not only what I've been doing, eating and wearing, but what I'm making too. What about you - what have you been up to?   

This week I'm -
Making: an autumn leaves brooch to pin to my jacket. 
Cooking: a blueberry cake. Thanks to Blueberry Crafts for the recipe - doesn't it sound scrummy? 
Wearing: a handmade yo-yo brooch made with my new stash of material. 
Watching: Downton Abbey. Don't you love a period drama? 
Visiting: Foxton Locks Festival. Good fun, although I was getting a bit stressed trying to keep the children away from the waters edge when we checked out the locks. 
Eating: honey-mustard pork chops followed by apple and blackberry pie. Must definitely go to Zumba this week to work it all off.  
Drinking: hot chocolate with cream - well it was cold and wet outside! 
Dreaming of: an open fire. 
Learning: how to make the house more hygge.
Remembering: that it is only September and this is England - it could be a beautifully warm and sunny day again tomorrow.

Let me know what you are up to this week - just add your name to the link below and I'll be sure to pop by and say hi.

Wishing you a productive week. xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Favourite Thing On A Friday - Kitsch Teapots

If asked to describe myself I would like to tell you that I am cool and sophisticated. That I have a sleek haircut and drive a fast sports car.  That I wear red nails and drink a 6 o'clock martini everyday. That is what I would like to tell you.

In reality though, I'm much more traditional.  I like vintage tea-cups filled with rose scented candles, I like Cath Kidston print bunting and I like cupcakes, covered in vanilla icing and 100s & 1000s.  

There is another side to me though. One that I don't normally share with the world at large. But one that I feel ready to share with you here, today, right this minute: 

My name is Clare and I Love Kitsch Teapots.

This little teapot with feet is my favourite - isn't it adorable?  I bought years ago, long before I had a house of my own and was still living with my mum and dad. Now that I do have a house of my own I've realised that it doesn't go with anything else in my kitchen - but I just don't care, I love it and it makes me smile to look at it.

What is your favourite thing on a Friday?

Hope you have a fab weekend and hope you can pop back first thing next week to Meet Me On Monday. xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What's on Your Worksdesk Wednesday

What's on my work-desk this morning?  Not much yet it has to be said.

I have big plans though, don't you worry - oh yes I have big plans.....

Well a couple of ideas anyway, tee hee.

I found this pack of material on my favourite market stall yesterday and thought that they were such pretty patterns that I just had to have them.  I'm planning to spend this afternoon making some yo-yos which can be used on brooches, hairbands and even perhaps a wrist corsage.  Sound like a plan??

Hope to be back later to show you the fruits of my labours.   That is, if I still have time left after I have taken a peek at all the amazing desks organised by the talent Stamping Ground

What's on your work-desk this chilly Wednesday?  Hope you have a productive day. xx

PS - hope you can pop back after the weekend to Meet Me on Monday.

Monthly Make - An Orchid Brooch

I'm growing a beautiful pink orchid on my kitchen windowsill, which I love.  It was given to me a couple of years ago by someone very special, who, I am heartbroken to say, isn't with us anymore.

I've been thinking for sometime now that the flower shape would make a pretty brooch, along similar lines to the pansy brooch I made earlier in the year.

So yesterday, whilst I had a bit of creative quiet time, I had a go at making one:

What do you think? 

I'm really pleased with the shape, although I had to physically draw round the flowers petals to get the proportions right! 

I am very happy with how it turned out and think it is the perfect project for my entry in the Felt Fairy's Monthly Make Challenge.  Take a look at the Flickr page here to see what the rest of Annie's super-creative followers have been making during September.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What a peach!

One of the great things, I think, about having young children is that I get to re-read some of my favourite childhood books. 

Today - which happens to be Roald Dahl day - I'm going to be reading James and the Giant Peach to my Superhero and Princess in celebration of it's 50 years anniversary.  Fab!

What are your favourite childhood books?


Monday, 12 September 2011

Meet Me on Monday - 6

Wow, Monday again already!  Hope you had a great weekend?  I managed to survive back to school week with my sanity still intact and then had a fun-filled weekend, so all is good. 

Got to stay a bit more focused this week though, or the *plans* I made last week wont come to anything....

This week I'm:
Meeting: some self imposed deadlines, hopefully. 
Making: new on-line friends - don't you just love blogland? 
Growing: my ever increasing button collection.   
Cooking: a stuffed marrow.  Our neighbour gave us an large homegrown marrow, which I stuffed with lamb mince, mint & rosemary - just like my Nan used to make.  Scrummy. 
Wearing: my winter boots.  It has got really chilly here. 
Visiting: The Lubenham Scarecrow Festival. The best way to start the Autumn. 
Listening to: the kids screaming and giggling on their first ride on a big wheel.  It made me quite dizzy, but they loved it! 
Eating: Apple pie, apple crumble, apple sauce - it was a bumper crop this year, lol.   
Watching: re-runs of The House of Elliott on ITV3 - have I mentioned my obsession with the 1930s..... 
Reading: Not sure yet - off to book group this evening. 
Remembering: book bags, PE kits, packed lunches. So much to remember at half 8 in the morning!

What are you up to this week?

Have fun. xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Meeet Me on Monday - 5

I know, I know, it is so late on Monday that its practically Tuesday.  Well without making excuses my little Princess started school today and although she took it all in her stride, I am an exhausted, emotional wreck! Not really, but it has taken up most of my day, so hope you can forgive me for the lateness of my Meet Me on Monday post.

So, this week I'm:
Growing: a variegated succulent bought at Eden during our holiday. Can you describe plants as funky?

Cooking: a banana loaf. Recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery book - my all time fav.
Wearing: a purple button ring, by Button It, bought at the Warkton Village Craft Market.
Reading: my new copy of Mollie Makes.  Great as usual, although I'm not really getting the make your own desk lawn project - is it just me?? 
Visiting: the Arts & Crafts Fair in Harborough on Saturday.  It was a bit disappointing this time it has to be said and I came home empty handed - ho hum.  
Eating: Tapas with the girls on Wednesday evening.  Scallops with chorizo here I come. 
Watching: Home and Away.  Mr A and I lived in Sydney before the kids came along so this is the perfect way to get my Aussie fix. 
Listening to: Sophie Ellis Bexter. An oldy but a goody. 
Making: Plans. Very exciting.  Will hopefully share further details with you later in the week.

Enough about me, what are you up to this week?

Want to join in?  Just write a post entitled Meet Me on Monday, including 5 or more from the list above, link back to Jumbleberries and then leave me a comment below so I can pop by and read what you are up to this week.

Have fun xx 
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