Monday, 12 September 2011

Meet Me on Monday - 6

Wow, Monday again already!  Hope you had a great weekend?  I managed to survive back to school week with my sanity still intact and then had a fun-filled weekend, so all is good. 

Got to stay a bit more focused this week though, or the *plans* I made last week wont come to anything....

This week I'm:
Meeting: some self imposed deadlines, hopefully. 
Making: new on-line friends - don't you just love blogland? 
Growing: my ever increasing button collection.   
Cooking: a stuffed marrow.  Our neighbour gave us an large homegrown marrow, which I stuffed with lamb mince, mint & rosemary - just like my Nan used to make.  Scrummy. 
Wearing: my winter boots.  It has got really chilly here. 
Visiting: The Lubenham Scarecrow Festival. The best way to start the Autumn. 
Listening to: the kids screaming and giggling on their first ride on a big wheel.  It made me quite dizzy, but they loved it! 
Eating: Apple pie, apple crumble, apple sauce - it was a bumper crop this year, lol.   
Watching: re-runs of The House of Elliott on ITV3 - have I mentioned my obsession with the 1930s..... 
Reading: Not sure yet - off to book group this evening. 
Remembering: book bags, PE kits, packed lunches. So much to remember at half 8 in the morning!

What are you up to this week?

Have fun. xx


famfa said...

Lots to do this week for you. I have played along - you beat me this time! See you soon x

Quirky Boots said...

yes we had a lot of that bumper crop of apples too :) your mum left empty handed lol

the back to school routine still has to sink in and ooooh i wonder what your deadlines are ;) x

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