Friday, 4 May 2012

May The Fourth Be With You!

Well, truth be told, when it comes down to it, I am actually quite pretty-traditional-girly. By this I mean, I like owl prints, Art Deco glass, cake, bunting, beach-huts & anything by Cath Kidston. I like toadstools, buttons, cherry blossom, retro pirex, swing dresses, coloured nail varnish and afternoon tea. I like chic-lit, music from and inspired by the 30s & 40s, the seaside, cats, watching Poirot on a cold afternoon, vintage caravans, and picnics in the summer. But when it comes to watching films, well that is another kettle of fish altogether. It's life Jim, but not as we know it .... You see it is true to say that I am a BIG Sci-fi fan. Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate - I love them all.
So in celebration of Star Wars Day and my love of all things sci-fi, here is a list of my favourite sci-fi inspired items found on Folksy this week:
 Star Trek Felt Badge - Pictureofgrace
  Star Wars Paper-cut - Gingerhearts
 Stormtrooper Lego Cufflinks - Bits and Badges 
Star Wars Finger Puppets - MuNGBEANS

Aren't they awesome? Which is your favourite?

Are you a sci-fi fan too?

What's your favourite thing on a Friday?

Live long and prosper. xx

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Debbie said...

Great idea for a feature, love the little finger puppets!

Debbie x

famfa said...

We named our posts the same - nanoo nanoo xx

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