Monday, 25 June 2012

Meet Me On Monday

This week I'm:

Making :: some new look cameo brooches. I'm changing the design slightly and think the new shape works so much better
Meeting :: the Mixed Bags, the monthly crafting group I go to, run by Mrs Quirky Boots. I had a great day (as usual) and the lovely Heather let me have a go on her sizzix machine and I have to say I got a little bit carried away .....
Working on :: my granny square, it's been slow progress as I keep getting distracted with other projects, but it's getting there 
Growing :: a very strange plant - no idea what it is, but it's in flower and is really pretty. The flowers have 11 petals!
Reading :: 50 Shades - but only to see what all the fuss is about you understand!
Listening to :: Through & Through by Paris Wells. Mostly at high volume whilst dancing in the kitchen 
Watching :: anything but football .....

So what did you get up to over the weekend and what do you have planned for the week ahead? I'd love to know what is influencing your creativity this week - add your name to Mr Linky below to join in.

Have fun

Jumbleberries xx


Debbie said...

Love the brooches, the felt circles are so colourful! I've heard a lot about the book too, am trying to decide whether or not to get it!

Have a great week!

Debbie x

Deanne said...

you was funny with the big shot, its mine all mine was the impression we got *giggles* lol x fab brooches and no i havent read the book yet either cant decide whether to or not! lol x

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