Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Good Day

This morning Mr A and I went for coffee together (he had the day off today to do some decorating in the kitchen) and when we walked into the coffee shop the girl serving us commented on my new style cherry felt cameo brooch that I was wearing:
After I had explained that not only had I made it, but I also sold them too, she asked to buy one from me. Just like that! Needless to day I was very happy. What a great way to start the day!

How's your day been today?

Have fun

Jumbleberries xx


Jen said...

Hey hey! That is a great way to start the day! :)

famfa said...

Well done. You should wear all your stuff all the time. Would love to see a photo of you wearing it all xx

Debbie said...

That's fab! It is a really cute brooch so I'm not surprised!

Debbie x

BaggieAggie said...

Brilliant! Well done, you! :)

Rosie. x

Mrs Thrifty said...

What a super brooch. Claire, is your pay it forward still running because I have the blurb on my side bar and need to remove it if you are done? xx

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