Monday, 2 May 2011

May Day Flowers

I wanted to make something May Day related for my May entry for the Monthly Make Challenge.  Two reasons really - firstly, I thought if I linked it to May Day (ie, the beginning of the month) I might stand a chance of actually finishing the project this time round!  Secondly, I have been practicing making structured felt flowers, (as opposed to flat, five petal daisy shapes which I have used on other projects) and thought where better to use flowers than on a May Day project. 

My initial idea was to make a May Queen Crown, but then realised that my new flowers might actually be slightly too heavy.  So I opted for a flower basket instead.  I've used pinks and purples (as they remind me of cherry blossom and violets) which I think gives it a spring feel.  Some ribbon, a couple of structured flowers and some little button detailing finishes the look.  It's not too big and as I've not designed or even made a a little bag from felt before I am really happy with how it's turned out. 

With all the thoughts of Weddings this weekend I even wondered whether it would work as a Flower Girl basket?  


famfa said...

Loving the structured flowers. Will have to have a go at those. I thinkKate would have loved it for her wedding.

Lorna May said...

Lovely work :o))

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