Sunday, 22 May 2011

I Love ..... Agatha Christie

On a Sunday, somewhere between swimming lessons (which start at 8:15am - yes, really, on a Sunday!!) dog walking, tennis lessons, bike riding, Sunday lunch (cooking and eating), homework, gardening and baking, we all go for a walk into town and have a coffee together.  And as long as I've remembered to pack the colouring books and pens for the children, I get to read for half an hour or so which is the the only time it happens in the week!.  

My favourite author of all time has to be Agatha Christie.  I know that some might find this a bit of an old fashioned choice but I prefer to think of it as vintage literature. 

I love anything to do with the 30s (art deco jewellery is another fav of mine) so I especially love the Poirot stories.  Apart from the fact that they are brilliant who done it's, the imagery is so romantic - ladies with matching hats and gloves, scarlet red lips and black patent bags, chaps with their sleek sports cars and gentleman's club both sipping cocktails on a steam train headed for the south of France.  Even the rotters are cool with their smoking, drinking and card playing. 

Yes a Sunday morning cup of coffee (a piece of chocolate cake) and an Agatha Christie and I'm a happy woman.

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Spyder said...

Yes Agatha is certainly the Queen of the who-dunit! I read even she didn't know who done it until the last chapter, where she picked the most unlikely and then added the extra red herrings and the clues! Jumbleberries is definitely a nice name!!

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