Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It's all me, me, me!

Both Deanne at Quirky Boots, and Julia at Stamping Ground have posted this fun list today, so we can all get to know them just a little bit better, take a look.

Thought it would be fun to have a go too:

A. Age: 37 (but next birthday at the end of the month).  I had planned to be a millionaire by the time I turned 40, better get my finger out I suppose

B. Bed size: double
C. Chore that you hate: ironing and I never do it coz let's face it, life is just too short.
D. Dogs: A very handsome Beagle named Frank (Mr A's choice of name).
E. Essential start to your day: a hot, strong cup of tea - I can't even speak until I've had at least 3 cups
F. Favorite color: purple (lilac, mauve, lavender, violet - I love them all)
G. Gold or Silver: platinum (ideally from Tiffany's darling)
H. Height: 5'10"
I. Instruments you play: None, but learning to play the piano is on my things to do before list
J. Job title: Crafty-mama
K. Kids: two - 6 year old Superhero and 4 year old Princess
L. Live: Market Haborough, UK
M. Mother's name: Sue
N. Nicknames: Dancing Queen
O. Overnight hospital stays: thankfully only when my babies were born
P. Pet peeve: being spoken over
Q. Quote from a movie: You're terrible Muriel
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: one cool brother and one beautiful sister
T. Time you wake up: on a school day, around 5:30am - I like the calm before the storm
U. Underwear: these days more Bridget Jones giant pants
V. Vegetable you hate: haven't found one I dislike yet
W. What makes you run late: I'm always late for everything, there always seems to be just one more thing to do before I can leave the house
X. X-Rays you've had: only at the Dentist (eek!)
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make a mean Keema Lamb
Z. Zoo animal: technically not a zoo animal, but I think the Octopus is awesome - beautifully balletic and weirdly alien-like all at the same time.  

What's on your list?


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Love it! I will do a post like this very soon xx

Quirky Boots said...

fab list clare :) fab x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Great answers!
Hugs, Sandra

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how fun..does this mean you like Okra? eeeeuuuwww! I also can hear that Movie line being said too, it's a goodie!

Spyder said...

yes I did this too! Thanks for sharing!

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