Saturday, 28 May 2011

Chelsea Flowers

I've enjoyed watching coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show this year.  The colour and form of the exotic plants coupled with the themes and structure of the garden designs - it's all really inspirational. 

I'm not very good at gardening truth be told, pansies are about as much as I can cope with (and they pretty much look after themselves!).  I do think they are really pretty though, so thought I would have a go at making a felt pansy brooch for my mum for her birthday. 

I choose a purple and lilac version (although it looks slightly blue in the photo) with a yellow centre and used a rich green colour for the background.  I'm really pleased with the shape of the petals, and although it turned out a little larger than I had intended, I think it will look really lovely on a jacket or bag.

Can't wait to give it to her.  Hope she likes it.  xx

1 comment:

famfa said...

That is just beautiful. It looks just like a pansy, and I'm a gardener so I should know. I know your mum will love it. Well done.

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