Monday, 6 February 2012

Meet Me On Monday :: 6/12

Well, having got all excited last week thinking that Spring was just around the corner, mother nature treated us to a blanket of snow over the weekend, just to remind us that Winter is most definitely here for a bit longer. Oh well, I didn't really mind as I didn't have anywhere specific to go, so it was a good opportunity to stay curled up in the warm, drinking hot chocolate!

Did it snow where you were this weekend - did you venture out?

This week I'm:

Making :: more canvas pictures. Having now had an opportunity to finish my Little Owl Canvas and being happy with the end result, I'm going to be working on some other designs this week 
Cooking :: we normal treat ourselves to a round of toast at our local coffee shop on a Sunday after the kids swimming lessons, but the snow put us off this week, so we stayed in and made blueberry pancakes instead - yum   
 Loving :: playing retro board games. We've been playing Master Mind and Frustration this week - remember those? 
Watching :: the kids help each other at a charity bingo night we went to on Friday evening - very sweet

Drinking :: red wine (again), well it seemed like a red wine sort of weekend!
Dreaming of :: eating fresh seafood in Cornwall on a warm summer's day (I've been watching Hugh's Three Hungry Boys) ....
Wearing :: Wellies and thick socks - enough said

So what have you been up to this weekend? What have you got planned for the week ahead? What's influencing your creativity? Add your name to Mr Linky below to share.

Have fun. xx


famfa said...

Umm pancakes look good. Staying in the warm with hot Choc sounds good to me. And you know I love mastermind. Bingo - ere yarrrrrr! Great post. No I don't want either small or smallest to play hockey but it seems inevitable here. Can't link it win't let me. Xxxx

Debbie said...

Ooh, what constitutes a red wine weekend? The Frustration game looks interesting, I'm trying to remember if it was something I ever played. The pancakes look delish!

Debbie x

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