Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A new challenge

Mr A and I decided that we wanted this Christmas to be a bit less commercial and a bit more personal, so set ourselves a little challenge to make as many of our gifts as we could.  We referred to this challenge as the 12 Makes of Christmas - this is what we made:

1.  4 Children's Door Hangers
2.  An Apron for Mr A's mum
3.  15 Christmas Cards, picture designed by our little Superhero
4.  5 Felt Brooches
5.  6 Bird Feeders, Mr A's design
6.  A Christmas Wreath for the front door
7.  12 Mugs of Snowman Soup for the kid's friends
8.  A batch of Reindeer Food, which we left for Rudolph on Xmas Eve
9.  6 Hair-band Holders, for our nieces and god-daughters
10.  10 Salt-dough Christmas Tree Decorations, decorated by our Little Princess
11.  3 Packets of Spiced Orange Chocolate Brownies, for Superhero's Teachers.
12.  2 Felt Christmas Party Hats

Not bad?  We really loved being creative and are very proud of our end products... but now I am completely bitten by the making bug, so have set myself a new challenge to make something every week for 2011.  I've already started my first item - I'll let you know how I get on.
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