Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Meet Little Owl

I’m very pleased to tell you that I have stuck to my challenge (which is a challenge in itself for me – lol) and completed my first make of the year!

Meet Little Owl.  He was made for Mr A’s niece’s 7th birthday (Happy Birthday Sweetie x).  I really like the design I came up with and am really pleased with how he turned out.  I love the his shabby-chic look and think the materials work really well together – particularly as I managed to use some pretty tea-towels that I found in the sale in Wilkinsons and a pair of Superhero’s jeans that he never got to wear as he grew too tall, before he was round enough for them to fit him round the waist!  I know that Little Owl has been hung up in niece’s bedroom already, so all in all, I’m rather proud of my first make.

1 comment:

Quirky Boots said...

aw i'm loving the owl :)

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