Wednesday, 9 December 2015

On the third day of Christmas ....... homemade Advent Chocolates

Years ago (before children) Mr A and I bought an advent calendar for each other, which, within it's little drawers, contained a beautiful hand-crafted chocolate for each day of advent.

It has been our tradition since then to carefully pack the calendars away until the following December and then re-fill the drawers using shop bought chocolates.

This year, however, I thought it might be fun to have a go at making our own chocolates.

I know we are already a week into advent, but to be honest I haven't really had an opportunity until now, so this is what is on my work-desk this morning:

For added deliciousness I plan to make a variety of flavours so I am making a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolates. 

I've got a selection of ingredients from my baking supplies and am enjoying working out some different flavour combinations.

So far my favourites are; dark chocolate and sour cherries, white chocolate with raspberries and mini marshmallows, milk chocolate with honeycomb and dark chocolate with mixed peel.

I am thoroughly enjoying myself, but I can foresee a problem - how do I only limit myself to one a day?

What's on your work-desk this morning?

Jumbleberries. xx


Julia Dunnit said...

One a day and not eating the husband's! And keeping the children away from them too!They turned out really well didn't they. Must say, the dark choc and cherry sounds divine!

Kristiina Majuri said...

Omg... I'd have to make a mountain of those, if there was meant to be any left at Christmas, they look delicious. I'm betting my favourite would be the sour cherries, I love dark chocolate :) happy woyww!
Kristiina #31

Suzanne Alexis said...

Your chocolates look delicious! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to it so I couldn't help you to eat it. :)

Suzanne #40

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. I used to make my own chocolates many years ago - and they were gorgeous. I could say that I must get round to making some again, but that would be a lie, as I know that it will not get done! Ali x #39

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