Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Wish-list Felt Envelope

Today I am joining in with the Bugs & Fishes Christmas Tutorial Link-up where lots of talented crafters are sharing their festive tutorials. Pop over to take a peek - Xmas inspiration a-plenty!

My contribution to the 'party' is my:
Felt Christmas Wish-list Envelope Tutorial
Fill it with your letter to Santa and then hang it on the foot of your bed.

To make your own version, you will need:
* 3 sheets of felt - one white, one red & one green
* a piece of fabric (I used a red and white polka-dot tea-towel) about A4 size
* a sheet on bonda-web, again about A4 size
* a piece of ribbon
* a couple of buttons
* embroidery thread
* a sheet of paper
To start, fold your A4 sheet of paper into 3 equal parts. Measure a strip approx 5cms wide along the long edge of the paper, cut off and discard. Using the paper pattern, cut your sheet of white felt down to size. Fold the felt into 3 sections, as you did with the paper pattern - the middle section is where you are going to add your embellishments.

From the sheet of green felt, cut some lettering to spell out the word 'Santa'.
From the rest of your felt, cut out some mini motifs to embellish the front of your envelope. There are obviously lots of different Christmas themed motifs that you could choose but the ones I like are:
* a stamp shape (cut with pinking-shear) decorated with a Christmas bauble shape
* a Santa hat
* 2 holly leaves
* a poinsettia flower shape
Add your lettering to the middle section of the white felt, positioning the word in the lower half of the space. I used sticky-backed green felt for my lettering, purely because I had some. If I had used normal felt, I would have blanket-stitched the lettering using white embroidery thread.

Next sew your motifs into place. 

Sew the stamp shape in the top right hand corner of your envelope. You can decorated the middle of the bauble shape with a gold sequin to add some extra sparkle. 

Position the Santa hat above the last 'a', adding a mini pom-pom on the end. 

Create a poinsettia motif, using a 5 petal flower shape, gathering it slightly as you stitch it into place. Highlight the middle with a gold sequin.

Finally sew a loop of ribbon onto the top left corner of the envelope, securing it in place with the two holly leaves and a red button berry.
Once all of the embellishments have been stitched into place and the front of your envelope is complete, you can now line the envelope. 

Cut your piece of material to size, making sure that it is slightly larger than your envelope shape. 

Iron your piece of bonda-web to the back of your material. Peeling away the backing paper, iron your piece of material to the back of your envelope. Make sure you iron the material and not the felt or you will melt your envelope!  
Using your original paper pattern, cut the top of the template into a curved point. Add a shallow cut-away shape to the bottom of the template.

Pin the paper pattern onto your envelope and trim your felt and material to shape.

Once your envelope has been cut into shape, fold into three sections. Blanket stitch along the two short edges to create the 'pocket' between the middle and bottom sections. Leave the top section free to create the envelope 'flap'

Sew a button to the middle of the back section and cut a small slit in to the envelope 'flap' for a button-hole. You can strengthened the button hole by sewing on a square of green felt, cut with pinking-shears.

And there you have it. All you need to do now is write your Christmas Wish-list, hang your envelope up along-side your stocking on Christmas Eve and sit back and wait for Santa.
Please do let me know if you make your own Christmas Wish-list Envelope - I would love to see your version.

(Please note that this tutorial is for personal use only).

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Jumbleberries xx


Unknown said...

Hi Clare, just doing the rounds of all the tutorials. Love your envelope - particularly the lettering and the little hat on the 'a' :o)

Sara Millis said...

Cute tutorial... thank you for sharing!
Sara x

Alex - The Interior DIYer said...

What an adorable Christmas tutorial Clare! I immediately thought of my 5 year old niece when I saw this. I've been wanting to make her something special this Christmas (I know, I better get a move on!), and this looks perfect. So cute :)

xx A

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