Friday, 3 May 2013

Top Plan

So, hands up if you loved the Great British Sewing Bee?

A TV programme all about sewing, presented by the hilarious Claudia Winkleman, plus some technical expertise provided by the super-handsome (thank-you-very-much) Patrick Grant. What's not to love, right?
I never got on with the GB Bake-off. (I mean, stop crying over soggy-bottomed pastry, there are people starving in the world for goodness-sake!). But I thought the Sewing Bee was fab. I loved the projects the contestants were given but more than that, I really liked the sewers that were chosen to take part. I thought it was a really interesting bunch of people - obviously I appreciate that they had specifically cast a mixed bag of individuals - but to my mind that's what made it all the more interesting.

I think the last 3 deserved their places in the final and to be honest I would have been happy if any one of the three had won. My favourite competitor though had to be Stuart. I loved his creative flare and bravery (the tulip skirt was great, wasn't it?) plus he came across as a really nice person.

I loved Tilly too. From the peach flowers in her hair, to the purple nail varnish, the checked skirt and the bold eyeliner, I loved her quirky personal style. So how happy was I to discover that not only was Tilly a fellow blogger (Tilly and the buttons, if you've not already found it), but that she also sells her patterns on-line. Well I just couldn't resist and I am now the proud owner of her Mathlide Blouse Pattern, which I hope to have a go at over the weekend. I'll let you know how I get on.

What's on your sewing machine at the moment?

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx


Mrs Jones said...

I loved it too. I have just cut out the pattern for Eliza M Vintage's Alma Wiggle skirt, only to find my matching thread is missing! Good luck with the Mathilde. I fancy having a go at the Miette skirt.

Lorna May said...

LOVED the sewing bee, can't wait for next series!! Especially a certain male presenter.

Was sewing a skirt but after 3 attempts i give up for now!! Struggling with the fit. BUT i can put in zips and pockets perfectly after the practise so not all bad!
Can't wait to see your finished project.

famfa said...

Yes it was fabulous. I have bunting on my machine but I am not clever enough to sew a blouse. Good luck xx

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