Thursday, 7 February 2013

A fresh new start

Hello there? How are you? I hope 2013 has been good to you so far? Apologies for my lack of contribution to blogland of late. Truth be told, I didn't feel I had much to say towards the latter part of last year, because, well, I lost my crafting-vibe a bit for a while there. To be honest I had started to get a bit despondent that my little Folksy shop hadn't been the run-away success I had dreamed of for 2012 and rather than taking that as my cue to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in, I guess you'd say I sulked for a bit.....

I've got over myself now though. Having given myself a good talking to (after all if all I have to worry about is not as many people liking the stuff I make than I had hoped, then I don't really have much to worry about, ah?) and have started to take action! 

And to start with I have decided to stop being a floozie - in the crafting sense you understand. I realised that I get far too easily distracted by new crafts. And as a consequence I waste so much time, energy and not to mention money trying new ideas and techniques that I never finish anything. 

I'm also going to streamline my aspirations for the year ahead. I've always dreamed big (I get that from my lovely dad) but I have so many ideas that I can never turn them into a realistic, achievable plan. 

So I'm going to stop getting distracted and concentrate on the things I really love making and, from a commercial point of view, have been my biggest success. 

I therefore declare 2013 the year of the corsage! 

January was spent developing some new designs which would move my Felt Flower Corsages up a level and have a bit of a vintage vibe to them too. It is therefore with great pleasure that I unveil my first vintage inspired Felt Flower Posy:

What do you think? I’m very pleased with how it turned out as I love the Spring colours. I think it would make a pretty Mother’s Day present or a stylish alternative to a buttonhole at a Spring Wedding. I’ve got lots more similar designs planned for my little shop, but before I start listing them I’d love to know what you think? I really hope you like it.

Did you use January to re-evaluate your aims and aspirations? What do you have planned for the year ahead?

Jumbleberries xx


Mrs Jones said...

Beautiful flowers! It is hard going selling online. Sometimes I go for a month without selling anything and then this month I sold 5 things - it doesn't really make sense. I am so like you in that I like to try new crafts.

Good luck for 2013!

Deanne said...

hi honey great to see you back, i've organised a craft supplies destash sale, if your interested in a table or just popping along give me a bell x

Debbie said...

Good to see you back! The felt flower corsage is gorgeous! When things are quiet I always remind myself that I love making things so much that I don't know what I'd do without it - if people buy them it's an added bonus!!

Debbie x

famfa said...

i think the flower corsage is gorgeous. well done you. keep it up, you are very talented. x

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