Monday, 10 October 2011

Meet Me On Monday - 10


How are you?  How was your weekend?

I've been feeling a bit like Perkin Flump stuck under that cloud for the few days and this coupled with the fact that our crafting group had to be cancelled at the last minute on Saturday has meant (I am sorry to say) that there has been a real lack of creativity happening around these parts of late.

However, I am determined to relocate my mojo and have started by baking myself a batch of chocolate brownies this morning (they are baking in the oven as I type) coz I don't know about you but for me life always seems a little sweeter after consuming vast amount of cake!

This week I am also:
Purchasing:  This green glass dressing table box. I've had my eye on it for the last 3 months and this week the dealer finally gave into my offer. I'm rather pleased with myself.

Cooking: comfort food. Loaded Macaroni Cheese. I am now the size of a small house, but feel slightly less sorry for myself. 
Wearing: My knee high boots. Read an article in the fashion pages of the weekend glossy that they are very on trend this season - get me! 
Watching: The kids perform in their Harvest Assembly - I'm one proud mama. 
Reading: Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson. I'm reading it for book club and have only just started, but it is really good - have you read it? 
Visiting: A Most Marvellous Place to Shop tomorrow with mum as recommended by the lovely Quirky Boots. I'll let you know if I come back with any goodies. 
Loving: This wonderful necklace, given to me by my Grandmother (she was having a de-clutter). Not sure how old it is but it looks a bit Art Deco to me. Need a LBD and somewhere fancy to go now, so that I can show it off.

Eating: Cake, cake and more cake. 
Drinking: Tea, tea and more tea.
Writing: Lists. I know that this isn't actually the same as doing, but I'm hoping that it will give me some focus for when I finally manage to coax myself into some sort of action!
Remembering: To look at the sky every now and again, coz there is always a different perspective.

Gosh, I'm feeling better already.

So, what about you - what is influencing you this week, where are you taking inspiration from?  Add yourself to the link below and I'll be sure to pop by to say hi.

Have fun. xx


Quirky Boots said...

enjoy most marvellous, do try not to squeal like i do when i walk in ;) xxx have a wonderful week and i'll hopefully see you in november, its defo booked! i've checked! lol x

Annaboo said...

Thank you so much for recommending me on the Bugs and Fishes giveaway!
Had to come and see you- lovely blog you have here too.
I LOVE that green dressing table glass box. Gorgeous. And that necklace from your grandma is beautiful - I think you're right, a little black dress would be perfect with it.
Am your new follower so we can keep in touch.
Have a great week
(mine involves photographing all the kid's old clothes to sell on ebay- the joys!)

Debbie said...

Sorry I've not had a chance to join in with MMOAM this week; I too have been under a creative/life in general cloud but reading your lovely list has cheered me up. Especially the thought of cake!

famfa said...

I absolutely adore the green glass box, it's beautiful. Love your grandmothers necklace, I will come out with you, we can marvel at it's loveliness together whilst drinking copious amounts of wine. Have just been watching the flumps. Fab, thanks xx

P.s. I can't connect with mr linky here, sorry, can you add me, otherwise I will add myself when I get back.

famfa said...

Thanks for adding me x

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